The Great Southwest Trip 2017

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Sunday, October 1

Aaaah. Sleeping in. A lazy breakfast and hanging around the campsite. Carol and Eric had said they would show up at 10 and we'd go hiking, so that was our plan.

The morning was cold, but warmed up as soon as the sun came over the cliffs. Here I am deploying my solar panels. Aaaah.
Carol and Eric showed up a bit after 10, and (and Rey and Erica) drove about half a mile to the old stables, where the Tenaya Creek trail starts. It goes 2 1/2 miles out, crosses a bridge over Tenaya Creek, then comes back, and is a beautiful and easy hike. Which I needed, I was thrashed. Erica and Rey started out with us but turned back; naps were calling them. So Carol, Eric and I did the loop.
Mirror Lake

Does a bear poop in the woods? Yes, it does.

We hiked about 6 miles, and got back at 2:30 or so, and sat around and talked most of the afternoon. Then Carol and Eric had to go home, after a lovely afternoon together.
And what was everyone else doing while I was hiking? Diana hung out, mostly, but also got a beautiful picture of Half Dome in the evening sunlight. Erica and Rey went back for naps, but took some pictures on the way.
And Todd and Sherry went around the Valley to see the sights, including Yosemite Falls. And Half Dome. Because wow, it was pretty.
Erica and Rey decided to pull out that night, since Rey had to be at work early the next day. Goodbye, Erica and Rey!

When it got completely dark, Todd got out some glow balls on ropes and swung them, and it was way cool!
Then Todd, Sherry and I went to the Ahwanee to do a night hike, which turned out to be about actually walking in the dark with no lights and how to do it safely. Interesting, but I think we were expecting a talk on stars or animals. But Yosemite was beautiful at night as well, and we came back to find that Diana had kept the fire going for us. A lovely evening.