Kodachrome Basin State Park, UT

Park Brochure and Map

This is another state park that was recommended by my State Parks guidebook. Since I was camping between this park and Bryce, I planned to spend half of July 4 in each one; I hadn't decided which to do first, but when I arrived at the KOA, one of the owners told me about the horseback rides here, which she really enjoyed. I called them up and reserved a space for Saturday morning at 9 am.
I got to the stables and signed in, listing my horsey experience as 'intermediate' after looking into the corral and seeing the good-looking but placid horses that were there. The guy roping the fiberglass calf is Rick, he was one of the two people who were there to take the 9 am group out on the trail ride; it was me, a dad and his two daughters, and a family of four.

By 9 am, the family hadn't shown up. Rick and I had been talking (he had a great good-ol'-boy line of patter) and he said to Taylor, the other guide, why don't you go out with these people and I'll stay and wait for the other group? and he gave me the horse he usually rides, Jazz. She likes to stop and eat, so don't let her, he said. She's got a bit more pep than the other horses, but I think you can handle her. You can ride drag. So that's what I did. And it was really fun.

And THIS is where the dust on my camera sensor (inside, where one cannot get to it) decided to really get in the way; every time I took a panorama shot, all day, it was in the shot, looking like a UFO. Just today. The pictures from the day before and the day after are FINE. sigh. I kept a few because the rocks are so pretty.
My park guidebook said that aside from the Panorama Trail, which is the one we rode horses on, the other one that is not to be missed is the Angel's Palace trail, so I drove to the trailhead and hiked that one.

A rather scraggly Prince's Plume

No idea.

An ADORABLE Sideblotched Lizard
Can't find this damn flower anywhere...

I think this is another Side Blotched Lizard, giving me the fish-eye.

Yellow Spiderflower