Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, UT

Park Brochure

I was driving Highway 12 from Cannondale to Torrey, through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and I saw this on the map and stopped to look around and hike a bit. I went into the visitor's center. I have a National Parks Card, I said...but no. This is Escalante Petrified Forest STATE PARK, which is in no way connected with Grand Staircase-Escalante NATIONAL MONUMENT, and is in fact...right across the road from it. Okay. I'll pay the seven bucks to get in and hike...

And actually, I was glad I did. It was a three mile loop trail over two ridges and down into the gully between them, with a pamphlet to read at about 15 spots. It was pretty, and interesting, and a good hike.

Here are two signs telling about the park, and the third picture is taken from the second switchback; you can see Boudika waiting patiently for me.
On the left, a pano of the Kapairowitz and Aquarius plateaus...and evidently my panorama feature has healed itself, this came out fine.

On the right, the top of the first ridge, and the beginning of the petrified wood.

Pretty sure this is a Side Blotched Lizard.

The edge of this big wash was the end of the hike, then the trail looped back.

This is some kind of juniper...it was everywhere.

Nope, it's ba-ack...

Another sideblotched lizard.