Dead Horse Point State Park, UT

Park Map

Dead Horse Point State Park is another place that my State Park Guidebook recommended; we didn't make it last year, but I thought it might be a nice place to camp the night before going to Canyonlands. And it is right by Arches and Moab as well. On the way, I stopped in Green River and made a reservation for the next night at the KOA there, which is an excellent one; we stayed there in 2014 and liked it very much. And after that, I would head home.

I got to Dead Horse Point SP at 5:15; it was 60 miles from Green River, and was in the middle of nowhere. I went into the visitor's center, which was open til 6, and asked about a campsite; I got THE LAST ONE. I also discovered, on the way back to the car, that the place was FULL OF HUGE MOSQUITOES. OMG, they were nine feet long and tried to carry away both me and my truck...I had ten bites by the time I got to the back of the truck and slathered myself with DEET.

But the campground was nice, and the park was beautiful, even with no sun and almost complete cloud cover.

The walkway by the Visitor's Center, part of a path that goes all around the park. Our Friend the Adorable Chipmunk This is what the park was like, beautiful views into the Colorado river canyon before it enters the Grand Canyon.
Even under dark rainy skies this place was amazing. The canyons are BEAUTIFUL. I stayed at the overlook til it was obvious that even with a ton of clouds, the sunset was not going to be spectacular.

I also didn't get pics of the campsite, the only one I missed on the whole trip. But it was nice. Even with the damn mosquitoes.

I liked the pattern of stones in this wall.

The name of this coffee shop (by the visitor's center) amused me.