BLM 1065, AZ and UT

Road map (on this map it's called House Rock Valley Road)

In planning this trip, I knew I wanted to hike Wire Pass/Buckskin Gulch. They are on a back road that goes between the 89A in Arizona, and the 89 in Utah, which join up in Kanab. So on Wednesday, when I went through Kanab on my way to the Grand Canyon, I stopped at the BLM offices (yes, there were two) and asked about the hikes and the roads leading to them. One BLM office was no help at all. The other showed me the road south from the 89 and called it White House Road but knew nothing about it.

When I stopped in Fredonia to talk to the BLM guy about camping on the way to the Grand Canyon, he knew that there was a road going north from the 89A called Stone House Road, but nothing more about it.

Singularly unhelpful, I thought...

The morning after my Grand Canyon adventure, I was about 10 miles from this road, and noticed a visitor's center across from my campground...and there were BLM personnel there, so I asked...and they knew EVERYTHING about this road and the hikes that led from it.

BLM couple: So the road starts here, and it's pretty easy. When it crosses the state line and goes from Vermillion Cliffs to Grand Staircase-Escalante, it changes and gets rougher (and that explains why I got different versions of the road, each of the other BLM rangers was only describing the road that was in their state!). There's one part that follows a streambed, that could be flooded out...and then he and I said at the same time, But if that is the case, I can turn around and go back! They made me very happy, letting me know what to expect and being confidant that my wonderful truck Boudika could handle it.

They also told me that the ACTUAL name of the road is BLM 1065, not White House or House Rock Road. So before I left, I called Doug (and they also let me use their phone, since mine had no bars there and there was no pay phone) and I told him the name of the road and where I was going, in case I got stuck. And off I went, cheerful and hopeful.

These pics are looking down into the valley where the road starts, and the Rock House that the south end of BLM 1065 is called after.
These six pictures are from a roadside info area about California Condors that have been living in Vermilion Cliffs for about thirty years, and have established a colony (in the section of cliffs in the picture there) and are doing well. Pretty cool!
Prickly Poppy and a Prairie Sunflower.
And...what in the heck is that? Apache plume, that's what!
And I move from Arizona/Vermilion Cliffs NM to Utah/Grand Staircase-Escalante NM. There was a primitive-but-nice campground there, appropriately called the Stateline campground, where I stopped to use the facilites...I saw the rattlesnake warning as I left them...!
And I get to Wire Pass, have a great hike...and the pic on the right is leaving BLM 1065 for the actual paved highway.