The Death Valley Vacations


Where is Death Valley? I want to see a map of it! What is it like? What is there to do?

California's Gold with Huell Howser
Springtime in Death Valley Life in Death Valley Scotty's Castle Wedding of the Waters


Here are the five most recent DV trips. Want to see them all? Here they are!


April 2021 No Flowers! JoAnn, Diana, Mike and Jim

July 2018 Summer Camping JoAnn and Jim

March 2018 Two Weeks in Death Valley!
Week 1: The SJSU trip
Week 2: Family and Friends
Week 1: JoAnn, Jim and
the SJSU group
Week 2: JoAnn, Jim, Diana and Mike

October 2017 That's A-MAYYY-ZING! JoAnn and Mike

July 2017 Burros, Bunnies,
Hiking and Heat

JoAnn, Jim and Mike

March 2017 Spring Break
in Death Valley

JoAnn, Kelly, Jim
SJSU faculty and students