From Kirkus Reviews:

Jeannette's the name, saving Christmas is the game. She's Santa's strong-willed daughter, a girl with a spunky attitude and snappy comebacks like "jumping jingle bells" and "suffering sugarplums," who jumps into action on Christmas Eve when Santa can't go out due to a terrible cold. When the reindeer escape during the deliveries, Jeannette solves her problem by rounding up a team of stray dogs and cats that, through some mysterious Christmas Eve magic, can fly just like the reindeer. Jeannette gets a present herself: new pets. The tightly written story makes a great read-aloud, especially if Jeannette's hilarious expressions are read with dramatic fervor. The volume's jazzy design uses computer-generated art similar to that of J. Otto Seibold, complemented by a nontraditional palette of cool blues and fall colors and an ultramodern typeface. Fresh and funny.

From Booklist:

At last, a book that dares expose reindeer for the shiftless bums they are! The setup, at least, is familiar: it's Christmas Eve, and a cold is keeping Santa from delivering presents. Enter Santa's daughter, Jeannette--oh wait, you don't know about Jeannette? Yeah, she is pretty cool, wears nifty tights and rad boots and says things like, "Time to rock and roll" and "Criminy Christmas Crackers." Jeanntte takes the reins, literally, only to find that the usual suspects--Comet, Cupid, Donner, and worst of all, the insufferable Dasher--happily sail off into the night when the pin connecting the harness to the sleigh falls off. Thankfully, Jeannette quickly befriends some alley cats and stray dogs that are more than happy to pick up where those "stupid hat racks" (as Jeannette calls them) left off. The Photoshop-rendered artwork has a retro cut-paper feel and is filled with implausibly pastel animals and romantic big-city backdrops. With its unlikely antagonists and plucky heroine, this has the potential to be a fan favorite. Maybe gift wrap a copy?

From Horn Book:

Santa is too sick to deliver presents, so it's up to his daughter, Jeannette, to make the around-the-world trip on Christmas Eve. Off she goes, with Santa's eight reindeer grudgingly pulling his sleigh through the night sky (who knew they hated hauling Santa around?). "Everything was going exactly right," until the impertinent hoofed "hat racks" dast away back to the North Pole, leaving her stranded on a rooftop and the gift drop-off only half completed. Resourceful Jeannette is up to the challenge: she manages to get the job done and eve nprovide a home for some cheerful stray cats and dogs in the process. The stylish cartoon illustrations exude warmth and attitude.

From Publisher's Weekly:

Proving that Rudolph isn't the only one who can come through in the clutch, when Santa Claus gets sick on Christmas Eve his daughter, Jeannette, takes the reins. And when the snarky reindeer leave her with a sleigh half full of presents, levelheaded Jeannette mprovises with friendly stray cats and dogs she finds in a city alley ("On Blaster, on Blackjack, on Wheezer and Grover!") before giving them a noew home at the North Pole. Latyk's flat digital illustrations in pale pink and cool turquoise lend a soft retro flair to Rees's inventive and humorous tale.