Wilson's Page

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Hi, everyone, my name is Wilson, and I just want to purr for you... Wilson

I'm no dummy. I needed a home, and I knew a library would be the best place to find good people to take me in. And there he was! My new papa, who was working there that day. He called my new mom to ask what he should do, since the most adorable kitten he had ever seen (me, of course) was hanging around the library and he was worried about me. Just as I planned, she told him to bring me home and they'd try to find someone who would adopt me. And of course they did...

It's pretty nice here so far, after two days. I've got Mom and Dad wrapped around my tiny paw, and all the food I can eat. Jack and Bob never even had a chance to meow, it happened so fast. One minute, they owned the place...the next, they have to share it with someone even cuter than they are. They're handling it pretty well, too, although I did sneak onto the bed to cuddle with Mom last night, very warm and cozy. I think I'm gonna like it here!

Here are some pics of me, so you can see how wonderful I am while you eagerly await more stories about me:

So this is a party! Wow! I heard my new mom say something about a 'birthday' and look at my papa...but I had no idea that it mean being loved and petted and held for HOURS on end...it was GREAT! There was one boring part where my new papa kept ripping colored paper and strings off of things...while everyone ignored me...and then he didn't even play with the paper or string or ANYTHING!

Here I am waiting for another chance to help Papa with his cake...

I don't really understand these new people...but their friends are nice, I don't think my paws hit the ground the whole time...everyone just passed me around and petted me more...it was so much fun!

I was pretty tired afterwards though...too tired to even go into Mom and Papa's room, I slept on the couch all night!

And the next morning, Jack and Bob were acting like I was just another cat, part of the family...what a great weekend! I like my new home!

Here are some adorable pictures of me from Papa's birthday party, with some of my new friends:

So Mom started talking about some kind of 'holidays'...and I thought, cool! I'll get some good food and more cuddling and petting. Now, I am a cat that likes being picked up and held...when I feel like it, of course, but the bigger and healthier I am, the less time I have for being petted...I mean, there are important things for a cat like me to do!

For one thing, there are TOYS to be played with! Here's Papa helping me with one of my favorites...

So anyway, there was this day when a whole lot of people came over...and REALLY GOOD SMELLS were coming out of that hot box in the kitchen that Mom takes food out of...so my cunning plan was to be cute and cuddly and make everyone love me and play with me until I was ready to stop, and then get fed a whole lot of whatever was in the box that smelled so good...TURKEY, I think Mom called it...

The cute and cuddly part worked fine,
and I made some new friends...
but THIS is where
they put me
while they had
Thanksgiving dinner!

I must start working on a new plan right away...they're talking about another holiday called Christmas...!

Here are pictures from my first Christmas ever! I found out about Christmas tree lights...and ribbons...and candles...and more petting, of course...and I got my OWN PRESENT. What a wonderful time it was!

Mom says I should tell you a little bit about myself now...mostly, I'm sweet and loveable. Anyone can pick me up, and even if I don't want to be held, I'll let them do it. I love toys, since I don't get to go outside and play with the live kind, and my favorite ones lately are these stick thingies with feathers and mylar streamers on the end. Mom and Dad don't trust me alone with these, so when they're not playing with me, they hide my toy in a closet! I'm pretty good at listening for that door opening, though, and I'm always ready to play.

My other favorite toy is WATER. I keep making 'kitty soup' with the water from my water dish and and cat food, all over the kitchen floor...I love to watch Papa take showers (don't know WHY these people actually GET INTO water, but it's kinda cool to watch) and the toilet is fun to play with too. But the best WATER is the five-gallon cooler in the kitchen...the day I knocked it over into my cat pan, Papa said some REALLY INTERESTING words that I never heard before. Now it's moved into a corner, and there are no tables near it any more...although one night I jumped on top of it and rocked it and rocked it and almost got it to spill before my people got there to stop me! This is REALLY FUN, especially when the cooler makes those BLUP-BLUP noises, that's the best.

I'm not much of a lap cat, just don't get the whole 'curl up and get petted' thing...I know Uncle Jack and Uncle Bob love it, but I just watch from my chair...but every now and then, when she least expects it, I crawl on Mom's lap and purr and purr and purr...I sleep under her arm when it's cold, too, that's nice.

So now I've been here almost a year. Things are getting better...Jack has decided that I'm ok, and sometimes he plays catch-and-chase all over the house with me...and Bob and I are good friends now...we play together, and sleep together, and of course eat together. Life is good here!


Here are more pics of me being cute...
I help mom with her fiddling! This is a seriously cute trick, one of my favorites. Mmmm, what's in the water jar? The paw reaches for Papa's dinosaurs... and Wilson POUNCES!
  But wait! Mom and Papa are putting everything they own in boxes...what does this mean? what is happening? Is it possible they might not take ME?  
  Whew. All is well. Mom and Papa brought all three of us along to our new home...where I made sure I'm staying just as cute as I was before! We've settled in, and the new place is pretty nice, lots of big rooms and wood floors for me to slide around on.  
Here are more pictures of me being cute:

Bob and I are still buddies. Mom and Papa are having a party and have locked me in here. I'm rifling the purses for loose change... You didn't know that I had to recharge every once in a while, did you? Suave. Debonair. Adorable. That's me.
Interesting narrative... I got up here all by myself, without knocking anything over. Mom and Papa thought I was so cute they put me on their holiday card! And look what I got for Christmas! Oh boy! Three years old and still the cutest cat anywhere...

Uh oh...boxes. Are we moving again already? well...another house, another opportunity for cuteness...

When Papa brought me home, he and Mom had a long talk about me. They decided I would be an indoor cat and not go out. Jack and Bob are indoor-outdoor cats, and although Bob has a catbox and hadn't gone outside since I'd arrived, when we moved to this new house, Mom put him on a diet, and soon he was feeling better and started going outside and sitting on the porch with Jack. I would stay inside and watch through the screen door and wish I could be out there with them. But Mom and Papa thought I wasn't smart enough to find my way home.

So I sat in the windows. I looked at all the interesting stuff outside. Mom finally took pity on me and started sitting on the porch and front lawn with me on a leash...she even walked around with me a little, but I didn't like that much. And finally, after months on the leash, when I had been a good cat and stayed on the porch with her and not tried to get away...she let me off the leash.

I bided my time...spend about 10 days going outside, staying out for a couple of hours, then coming back in, just as good as gold. Then one Friday morning, I ran! I had a wonderful time, went all over the neighborhood, made a lot of new friends, visited new places, saw the night and squirrels and birds and everything I had been missing.


I guess Mom and Papa thought I'd never come home...


So the following Monday morning, there I was, banging on the screen at 6 am. Boy, was I glad to be home. I had breakfast and a drink, and slept for two days. I heard Mom and Papa talking it over, and they finally agreed to promote me to full indoor-outdoor status. Mom was afraid that if they tried to lock me up again, I'd disappear for even longer next time. Papa tells people I came home with chips from five different Vegas casinos in my pockets! Papa is very funny. So now I'm a big boy like Bob and Jack, and I love going out in the sunshine whenever I want to.

Moving? AGAIN???

We are tired of moving...but this new place has very good sun. Mom and Papa have promised that we'll be here for a while. We're glad.
The sweatshirt is MINE. You're selling my cat tree? Look how cute I am in it!
Take me with you? I'm so cute I can even get away with lying around like this...
It's warm and cozy in here. Thanks, Papa! Okay, I know I'm an outside cat now, but I get to come in when I want to, don't I?

Whoa, what's this? the door of the back room is closed...Mom and Papa have brought home NEW CATS?
Oh no...is it possible I won't be the cutest cat around here anymore?

Whew. Everything is all right. I finally met the new girls, Saffron and Squink...they're very pretty, but nobody is as cute as I am! Hm...maybe I shouldn't be too friendly...after all, I have an image to maintain...

But Saffron likes me!

Here are some more pictures of me being adorable. WAY more adorable than GIRLCATS.
Mom says this is my otter position... What do I look like? The frickin' Queen of the May??? Mom decorates so that I look good on the furniture... Geez, I'm adorable. So...moody and...zzzzz
Still as bendable as a kitten, even though I'm a mature kitty.

Mom found me sleeping on the couch where she had just gotten up and thought it would be funny to pile pillows on me. The joke is on you, Mom- I'm NOT GETTING UP.

A tree, huh? Where are MY presents?

Oh, there they are. Okay!

I love my TOYS. They live in two places in the den, and MUST BE THERE. Every time the ladies come with their scary cat-chasing machines, Mom and Papa pick up everything in the house, including my TOYS. And after the scary ladies go, when Mom and Papa get home, I mope around that section of floor until Papa puts out my TOYS. Which are mine. And not for ANY OTHER CATS. You hear me, Girlcats? Hmpf.
You mean this cheesy present is ALL I GET? hmpf. Well...since you got it for me...might be fun... Now it is one of my TOYS.

And I want to make one thing PERFECTLY CLEAR. I am NOT SAFFRON'S HUSBAND. Mom and Papa mock me. Every time she pushes herself into a place where I'm sleeping, they laugh and talk for us. I looooove you, Wil-Son! Mama says. Go away, she growls, pretending to be me. But Willll-sonnn, I looooooove you. You are my hus-band! (Saffron). I'm not your husband! (me). And then Mom laughs a lot. But see? here we are. And I'm pretending I don't even see her. THAT'S the way it should be...

The problem is, I think this silly cat is starting to believe all that 'husband' stuff...I mean, look at this:

She even pushes into the chair with me and Bob! Bob doesn't mind it, he's always cold, but I find it to be an unmannerly imposition. I mean, really!
Yes, Bob and I were good buddies...here we are together. And I miss him.

But now I am Uberkitten and those girlcats will have to listen to ME now!