Squink's Page

Everything is scary...oh, but skritch is so nice...purrrrrrrrrrr... Squink

I was raised in a nice house full of other cats...the people I lived with rescued cats and kittens and found them good homes. But I never thought they would do that to me and my sister Saffron! How could anyone want to give away such wonderful and beautiful cats as we are? especially after two years of living with us?

Look how cute I was when I was a kitten!

But then one day some new people walked in the door, and the next thing I knew...they had taken me prisoner!

I spent the next week hiding under furniture...it was scary! they were evil aliens bent on experiments, I know it!
They even tried to make me play with Crackly Snake...but I'm too smart to fall for any of their tricks!


They kept us shut in a room for a week...and then when they opened the doors...there was a big house with lots of VERY interesting rooms. They didn't know it when they stole me, but shedding is my favorite hobby. And the woman who says she is my new mom has PURPLE VELOUR CURTAINS in my favorite window, what fun to cover them with my white fur! And my new mom is very good at skritch, when I forget to run away from her.

I am starting to get used to this awful place...my new mom is not so bad, although I'm not fond of my new papa. There weren't any male humans in the house I grew up in...I'm still not sure about him. And there are two cats already in this house, although I think that's all, they aren't bringing any more home. Bob is mean, and I don't like him. But Wilson is going to be a wonderful friend, I think.

Don't tell Saffron, but I'm starting to get used to being here...maybe this place isn't so bad after all. There's even a cat bed nobody is using. Think I'll take another nap...

And this morning, I got in Mom's lap and purred and purred and purred. She might be okay after all...
Here I am, letting Mom take a pretty good picture of me. She was very happy I didn't run away. And my beautiful profile. If you're lucky I'll let you pet me...
A word about names:

They are very important. My new mom and papa talked a lot about what our new names should be (we had silly names at our old home, not good cat names.) Papa picked Saffron for my sister, which suits her perfectly. Mom looked at me, and how beautiful I am, and said, she LOOKS like a Natasha...so they tried that.

But almost immediately, they both started calling me Squink. Which is my correct name. Mom says that's becuase when they got me, I didn't have any vowels and all I would say was SQNK!

So that's my real true good name. And now I have all the vowels and talk A LOT. Mostly about how beautiful I am. Did I show you my tail? and my pretty blue eyes?

I'm pretty all over the house! See how I pick out places to be that show off my loveliness?
Here I am on my chair, sharing it with my sister. Papa calls this the 'observation post' and usually it's Wilson's, but sometimes I like to be pretty in different places.
Here I am on my favorite footstool. Mom and Papa call the top of this my 'palace' and say that I'm Princess Doo-dah. It's not easy living up to a title like that, but I do try, elegantly.
Notice how well my beautiful fur shows up when I sleep in this chair. And of course the soft pillow is mine! I'm SQUINK!
Squink's Song*

Bad cat, bad cat
The Siamese of sin
The minute that you let her out
then she wants in!
But when you let her in then
she will want out again-
She is so bad
She is so mean
She is the worst cat that I've seen
Bad cat, bad cat, bad cat, bad cat!

*Tune: the Bad Horse song from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

As you can see, after a while I realized that they were not keeping me in prison...Mom and Papa are my ENTOURAGE. They feed me and pet me and praise me and brush me and treat me like I'm a movie star...which I am, except that I haven't been in a movie yet! Now that my days of being scared and hiding are over, I'm having a wonderful time! Here I am with my new cat family:

And I'm sure that all my fans want to know how I spend my day:
Here I am by my favorite toy, Wiggle Stick. Mom's lap is a nice place for a cuddle. Yay! More toys! I love perching on the edge of the couch. Here I am with my sister.
Getting a purr recharge... I love the outside and sunshine, it's my beauty treatment! Can you see me? Aren't I adorable? Mom says: And here's Squink doing bondage on herself with her own tail...all I say is, I'm still beautiful...