Our names are Wilson, Squink and Saffron.
We are three good cats.


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You're never fully dressed without cat hair... Dennise W.

I'm Wilson!

Mom and Dad don't know exactly when I was born, so they gave me May 1, 2002 as my very own birthday. They think I'm kinda dumb, although I'm so cute and loveable that they adore me...little do they know that the stupid act is part of my cunning plan...



We're Squink and Saffron.

We were born in July of 2005. Our daddy was a Flame Siamese, and our mother was a Calico.
We are the most beautiful girls ever...and don't we know it!




We remember The Cats Who Have Gone Before:    Jenny    Al    Jack     Bob

Tell me about your cat(s)!.