Wednesday April 20

Cottonwood to Flagstaff

Aaaah. A night in a motel. Lovely. We woke up happy and rarin' to go! Wednesday was our day to do Sedona, a place all of us had wanted to see. We were going to spend the day there with Diana and Kitty shopping and looking and eating...except...Kitty had to be at the Las Vegas airport early in the morning on Thursday, so she and Diana were spending Wednesday night in a Vegas motel, and didn't want to spend the whole day there. In fact, it turned out that they spent Tuesday afternoon shopping in Sedona. Well then, we said, let's have breakfast together in Cottonwood, we'll go to Sedona and you guys can go back to Vegas and that'll be that.

And that's what we did, and it worked out well.

Here we all are at breakfast; the guy at the motel recommended this place, and he was right, the food was really good. The waitress took our picture, it's a little blurry.
The three sisters in one last picture!
We shopped for a couple of hours, then met up and decided to hike...but it was noon and Jim hadn't eaten (Jo Nell and I had stopped at a Starbucks while we shopped, because I needed the wireless to send a picture of some jewelry to Kasia for her approval, which came within five minutes!) None of us wanted to take a lot of time over a meal, and Jim said, there's a McDonalds, let's just go there. So we had ice cream and cold drinks, he had lunch, and off we went to spend the afternoon hiking.

At the end of the day, we were going to stay in the Flagstaff KOA. We pulled up and I went to the desk, since it was my turn to pay. As they filled out the forms and charged my card, I saw a sign warning RVers that it was going to get down to freezing that night and to unhook their water hoses.

Tonight? I said, or are these from some other night? Nope, said the people behind the desk (who were all wearing heavy coats, I noticed), tonight.

So I went back out to the car. Freezing, I said, tonight. Are you guys good with this? I have a truck.

Jo Nell said she didn't have anything like enough warm stuff to get down to freezing. You could sleep in the truck with me if you want, I said, there's plenty of room.

No, said Jo Nell, I'm paying for a motel. So I went back in, got my money refunded, and she did. It was lovely.

This is the motel we ended up at...and when we checked in, I was thrashed. You guys go on out to dinner if you want, I said, I'm tired, I'm just going to nuke camping food and eat it here.

Well, said Jo Nell and Jim, we were thinking of getting some takeout and bringing it back, is there anything you'd be interested in?

You know what I said. Del Taco? in a hopeful little voice...and that's where we ended up for dinner. Then we hit a Walgreens for alcohol and bad snacks and had a lovely time in our comfy motel room.