Thursday April 21

Flagstaff to Mesa

We woke up and had a quick breakfast from what was offered at the Super 8 and hit the road. First thing we did was go to Meteor Crater, about an hour east of Flagstaff. I remembered it from when I was a was still a big ol' hole in the ground. The museum was good (especially the gift shop!) and the rangers were informative.

On the way back from Meteor Crater...cute baby cows, an out-of-focus antelope on the rock (I had to point and click fast to get it at all) and SNOW on the mountain outside Flagstaff as we approach.
Then we were back in Flagstaff, and since my friends had been nice enough to agree to having Del Taco for dinner the night before, I did not whine or plead. We had lunch in the parking lot at our next stop, the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Doug and I had been to this museum fifteen years ago or so, and have talked about what a good museum it was ever since. It was nice to find that it's still excellent. Although the parking lot was a cold place to have lunch...the wind was really chilly!

After the museum, we drove about 90 minutes south to Mesa AZ, to a KOA where we had called during the afternoon and made a reservation. It was about 90 minutes from Tucson, our destination tomorrow, and easy to get to. We got there at 6:15, and the office had closed at 6. After a bit of confusion about where we were supposed to camp, we ended up here. Not very pretty, but it was okay.
There were electrical outlets, which we all appreciated. It was very hot! Here's Jo Nell with a cold wet cloth on her head, trying to cool down. And after the evening's excitement, Jo Nell and I had a game of cribbage, Jim and I played some music together, and we all got a good night's sleep.
But what, you are surely wondering, was the excitement? Well, this is what happened...I took the picture of Jo Nell with the washcloth on her head while I was making dinner. After dinner, while they did the dishes, I drove to the Circle K to get some ice; I had promised Jo Nell that if the KOA office was closed when we arrived, I would do an ice run, and I wanted to get it over with. So (in the dusk that became dark as I drove) I:
  • backed out of the space
  • drove around the camping space circle
  • drove out of the KOA (stopping at the street)
  • turned right
  • stopped at the four way stop
  • drove half a mile to the Circle K
  • turned left into the parking lot
  • turned right in the parking lot and did a 270 degree turn into a parking space facing away from the Circle K
  • went in and fought the ATM machine for at least five minutes
  • looked for a snack item that Jo Nell had asked for and couldn't find it
  • asked the clerk, who went to look for it in the back for about 10 minutes
  • looked around the store for a replacement when he came back without it
  • got a bag of ice
  • stood in line behind a couple of people
  • paid for the stuff and went to my truck
  • got in and started my truck

I couldn't believe that it was still there, didn't fall off or get stolen. I went back and said to Jo Nell and Jim, this happened. They were horrified too. All any of us could think was how crazy it would have made me if my camera had mysteriously disappeared...I'd probably still be looking through my truck for it...!