Sunday April 24

Tucson to Bisbee to Tombstone

I dropped Jo Nell and Jim off at the Tucson airport in the morning...and I was on my own. I found a grocery store (after convincing Scruffy that I was not, in fact, in Los Angeles) and loaded up on comestibles, and went back the way we had gone on Saturday, toward Tombstone...but my plan was to continue an hour beyond it, to Bisbee AZ.
These cool dinosaur sculptures were in Benson, AZ; I stopped for gas and they were outside the McDonalds next door.
We had seen these prickly poppies on the way to Tombstone the day before but never managed to stop for them. I love these flowers!
There were pretty purple flowers near the prickly poppies, as well. And on the right are the hills I went through on the way to Bisbee, in the mountains ahead of me.
The cheesy signs at the Tombstone RV park, where I spent Sunday night. Not much ambience, but in the truck I don't care so much, and the couple who ran it were really nice.