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We had breakfast with Kitty and Diana in Cottonwood, then drove about half an hour to Sedona. Just driving into town was amazing, it's in a bowl of trees and greenery surrounded by huge beautiful red cliffs and rock formations. We decided to go to the upper end of town (just because) and park. Jim went off to do whatever he wanted, and Jo Nell and I proceeded to shop and hang out there for a couple of hours, and we said we'd meet up at noon and decide how to spend the rest of the day.
This was in the parking garage we found...made me laugh. This is what Sedona is like, but the light and color didn't come through so well...better pictures later. There were all these cute javalina sculptures, dressed up and themed. I only took pics of two of them.
More sculptures, and another (Jim's) pic of the amazing rock formations surrounding the town.
By noon Jo Nell and I were shopped out. We caught up with Jim, talked a bit and decided to try some of the hikes listed in our awesome Lonely Planet Arizona book. Since we were going to Flagstaff that night, we decided to start in the south of town and work our way north. So our first stop was the Boynton Canyon trail.
The trail was five or six miles down a road that was really gorgeous, and we pulled over about halfway to take pictures of the flowers and the beautiful surroundings.
Jo Nell took these at the pullout.
And now we're at the trailhead for Boynton Canyon. It was a beautiful day, hot and sunny.
The 'secret wilderness' sign is funny, since we had no trouble finding it. But the second sign? that made steam shoot out my ears. It's not a CULTURAL PLACE of significance, it's a PLACE of CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE. Get it? Sheesh.
These are Jo Nell's; she's really good at landscape/trail photos. Mine never look that good!

There was a side trail to a vista point that was about half a mile long that we took, and it was GORGEOUS. Rocks, lizards, trees, flowers, wow.

The next eight pictures are Jim's; I love the one of me and Jo Nell on the rock! and of course, how could I not pose for yet another Josie Looking Sexy On Rocks picture?
And now eight of Jo Nell's. I love all the different pictures we took!
And now we're back on the Boynton Canyon trail.
And that was it for Boynton Canyon. We turned around, got back to the parking lot and off to our next hike.
This is almost in town, just up a hill a bit from the main shopping street. The trail goes up behind Jim for about half a mile, and ends up on a bare hilltop where you get a 360 degree view of Sedona and all the mountains around it. It's supposedly a nexus for the new-age types, but whatever. It was a nice short hike and very pretty. And the views were indeed amazing.
And we're happy, having a great day!

The next four pictures are Jim's...then we drove out of town for our next adventure.