Saturday April 23

Tucson to Tombstone and back to Tucson

This was one of the few days we decided to plan beforehand; we all wanted to go to Tombstone, and since it was 90 minutes southeast of Tucson, I said, let's do that the day before you guys fly home, and then drive back and spend the night in Tucson. And we all wanted to go to Kartchner Caverns, which was on the way to Tombsone.

So we got up and had some breakfast in our palatial suite (thank you Jim!) and drove southeast, stopping for gas and (of course) snacks.

We drove on Interstate 10 (my old home town freeway!) for about 40 minutes...and I saw this and took pictures through the windows. It's a huge long train...made up entirely of engines.

Then we did Kartchner Caverns. After we left there, we continued south, then went east on Highway 82. The hills above are the view looking toward Tombstone AZ. We stopped at an old town site, the town of Fairbank, AZ.

We were really just stopping to change drivers and walk around a bit; there was a road leading to the actual site and whatever remains were there, but we wanted to get on to Tombstone. But there's always time to take pics of some flowers and trees!
And then back to the lovely Air Force Inn to relax for the evening, and Jo Nell and Jim also had to pack up their stuff to fly home on Sunday.