The Robot House, Palm Springs, CA

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So there I was in Yuma, AZ, in my motel room, after spending a whole day trying to find something amusing to do in that godforsaken town and failing utterly...and one of the things I did was check my favorite websites for interesting stuff to do in places you've never been, And there was a listing for a house in Palm Springs with robot sculptures in the garden. The entry on their website is as follows:

Giant robots, statues, Christmas lights, and much, much more... There are tons of robots outside the house all year long, but it looks like the real show is Thanksgiving to January...Much of the artwork is hidden behind shrubbery and an outdoor wall, but the property has frontage on three different streets, and enough of the robots and creatures are visible to make it worthy.

Hm, thought I, that might be worth a quick visit. So when I left Shields Date Farm at 1:30, I set my garmin for the address of the place, and got there about 2:30. I was going to go to Jo Nell's next, and she said she'd get off work early and be home around 4:30. It's an hour and a quarter to her house from Palm Springs, so I figured I was good for 45 minutes, and from the description, I'd just be walking around the place on the sidewalk, seeing what there was to see...

THIS was what I saw as soon as I turned onto the street. Twenty foot tall brightly colored giant robots. Oh my god how wonderful. As I walked all around the fence, I came to the driveway, and the gate was open; there was a sign saying that if the gate was open, people were welcome to come in and the suggested fee was 5 bucks, which was supposed to be shoved down the drain of a sink set in a kiosk with giant robots, bunnies and aliens nearby. And the path led me in...

This place was AMAZING. I was so late getting to Jo Nell's that I had to call when I finally left at 5 pm...luckily she was late too.

It turns out that this place is TWO ACRES of land, with paths and statues everywhere. A lot of it is Christmas themed, if you want to have santa nightmares for the rest of your life. There is also a perfectly nice house, patio and pool on the grounds. But later in the afternoon I could hear the artist at work hammering and welding, although I never ran into him/her. I have to say, this was bizarre and wonderful, a completely worthy end to an amazing two week trip. I took a lot of pictures, but since all of them are of just a part at a time, they don't give any idea of the huge size and scope of the place. It really was astonishing.

This is the actual entrance, to the left.

A panorama where two paths meet. Still doesn't give any idea of the real overwhelming scope of the place.

So there's the intersection, and the actual address is 1077 E. Granvia Valmonte, Palm Springs, CA. Just in case you need to see the awesomeness of this place in person. Which I highly recommend.
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