Quartzsite, AZ

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We were driving from Lake Havasu City to Phoenix. We didn't really have anywhere in mind, but the night before we left, we all talked about routes and things to see, and decided that stopping in Quartzsite would be fun.

It's a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere; the population is about 3500 people year-round. But in January and February, there are immense rock and mineral shows, flea markets andd all the stuff that goes along with them. 90,000 people come to this circus every year. Jim had been a couple of times, and wanted to see what the town was like off-season.

We were there mid-April; there were still some things open, but everyone was closing up shop for the summer...but we managed to find some fun anyway. and bought all kinds of stuff!

One of the things I wanted to do here was to see the Hi Jolly memorial, honoring the Syrian (Hadji Ali) that the US army hired in the mid 1800s to take care of the camels in the Camel Corps...we stopped at a small flea market, then found the memorial, which is part of an excellent cemetery; I love wandering around interesting cemeteries!
Then we drove downtown to a store that sold rocks, minerals, fossils, all kinds of imported stuff, and every kind of bead and bead supply you can imagine. Oh, and there was an awesome red camel made out of hubcaps out front!

Jo Nell, who was wearing a red shirt, bought a sparkly purple and red bead bracelet. She's showing it off in the last picture...and my camera is set for BLACK AND WHITE. sigh...

We also passed a motel that had all kinds of metal sculptures out front; we would have gladly paid for a tour, but it was closed. So we just took pictures and left...
And a beautiful blooming saguaro with a horsefly flying around and landing on it! just screams out, Photograph me!!

Next was McDonalds for bathrooms, cold drinks and 69 cent ice cream. Lovely. As I remember, they even had real iced tea, a rarity at Mickey D's these days...

And then...we went to the Reader's Oasis Bookstore. If you google it, you'll see lots of references to The Naked Guy...because the guy who owns and runs it is, to all intents and purposes...naked. He wears a tiny pouch (the lady behind the counter at the gem and bead store told me that her friend crochets them for him) and that's it. He's skinny and weathered and very, very nice. He was happy to have his picture taken with me, and was very knowledgeable about books and about his stock. And he had a great cat named Felicia. What's not to like?