Painted Rock Petroglyph Site

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This was marked in my Lonely Planet Arizona guidebook, and when we went through Gila Bend the week before, there was no time to stop for it, so this was my chance!
This place was about 25 miles outside Gila Bend, half by freeway and half by country roads; the road went out to the middle of nowhere and through these hills, and after entering the actual site and taking a dirt road, ended up here. There's a large picnic area, a bunch of signs, and a path around a small rocky hill.
All these signs were clustered in a couple of groups near the picnic area. It's like a kid trying to get your attention: Hey! Not only do I have petroglyphs, I'm part of the De Anza Trail! And the Butterfield Stage! And the Mormon Battalion! And...

It was a little frenetic, considering how small a town it's near (two hours south of Phoenix, closest town of any size is indeed Gila Bend.) Although some of them were interesting...

The two photos on the left is what the rock hill looked like; it was about 30 feet high. On the right is a lovely chuckwalla!
And below are the petroglyphs, which are pretty damn good. Although this site is easy to get to, and the markings are easy to reach, and it's near a whole lot of small towns where there is nothing to do, so I'm not sure how much of this is original vs. modern...still, pretty impressive.