Monday April 25

Tombstone to Picacho

So this was the day I did something that seems very stupid but turned out really well. I wanted to go from Tombstone, an hour and a half to Tucson, and do two things: go to the Desert Museum, near West Saguaro NP, and also go to East Saguaro. The easiest way to go would be Tombstone to East Saguaro, then west to the Desert Museum, then farther west to my KOA in Picacho AZ, an hour outside Tucson...but after reading the guidebooks and thinking about it, I decided to do them backwards; I got up early and drove all the way across Tucson to do the Desert Museum first, then backtracked an hour to Saguaro East, then went BACK the way I had come an hour and a half to Picacho.

The reason was, the thing I most wanted to do was the Desert Museum, which opened at 7:30 that day; I figured that if I spent the whole day there and didn't have time for Saguaro East, I would be happier than if I did Saguaro East first and didn't have time for the Desert Museum. It was a lot of driving, but it worked out well, and actually turned out to be the smart way to do it.

Dawn at the Tombstone RV park. Time to roll! I passed these mailboxes by the road to nowhere on the way back to the 10. I talked to someone who drove out as I was taking pictures; she said there's a small town and an airport just over the hill out of sight...but it sure looks lonely. This is the sepia filter, btw. Have I mentioned how much I love my camera? What a sensible sign. If only we had these in California...
After the day at the musuem and a long hike at Saguaro NP East, I was thrashed and had a long drive to my KOA in Picacho, AZ. I stopped at a Del Taco in Tucson (my last one til Yuma) and had dinner; but as you can see from the picture, I was sad that my friends weren't there.

The sunset was beautiful, and I got to my camping spot at the KOA in time to set up camp before going to bed.

The last picture is my campsite the next morning, since it was just about dark when I got there.