The Museum of Northern Arizona

Click on any picture to see it full-size.

I got a quick shot of this locomotive as we approached the museum; it's a 2-8-2 but I don't know who manufactured it.

The museum is in a beautiful setting among the trees

Jo Nell took this pic of the foyer.

The museum had a lot of very cool displays and galleries; here are a few things that caught my eye, in no particular order:
Two displays on how to distinguish styles of pottery, something I know nothing about and was interested to read about

And in another part of the museum, they had a display of tiny pottery pieces; most of these are an inch or two in diameter. The sign said that it's not known if they were toys or had some ceremonial use...but they are cute!

A bench in the entryway with beautiful rocks set into it. Dinosaur models! I had not seen any dinosaurs yet on this trip. Glad to see you, guys! Another piece of the Meteor Crater meteor A fetish necklace made COMPLETELY OUT OF LAPIS. Drool.
And...wait a minute, what is this? Therizinosaur! I do get a dinosaur on this trip! and isn't he handsome? Those claws are each as long as my hand...
And on the way back to the car, bright flowers and a DAMN big ant, about 3/4 inch long!