Lake Havasu City

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Now, you have to understand, the ONLY THING in Lake Havasu City worth seeing is London Bridge, which was bought by some Arizona millionaire in the 1980s, taken apart brick by brick, transported and rebuilt across a bit of the Colorado River. Here's the Wikipedia article. There is nothing else to see in this whole town. So we went to see it.

Doug and I stopped here about 15 years ago; there's way more kitschy fake-British stuff around it now.

And then dinner!

This pretty much says it all. Twee, kitschy, really really annoying. Londonland. Sheesh.
We did indeed meet up with Diana and Kitty at the College Street Brewhouse, and it was great to see them. The food and drinks were good, although on the left you see Jim's chagrin at ordering something that I think he envisioned as kind of a Rob Roy... and he got a huge frou-frou drink instead!

Here we all are at dinner.