Friday, April 15

San Jose CA to Lake Mathews CA

Friday dawned bright and clear, and I picked Jim up at 9 am. We were driving down the 5 and through the desert to Jo Nell's house south of Riverside, CA.

Anyone who travels with me knows that my truck ALWAYS stops at Del Taco, a chain I love that is no longer in the city I live in, but is all over the Southwest. The one on the way to Jo Nell's is in Bakersfield, on California Street. As we drove down the offramp, Jim said, You know it's going to be closed, right? He loves to tease me.

And OH HORRORS! He was right. At least, the sit down restaurant was closed for renovation; the drive-through was open, though, so like several other people there, we drove through and ate in the parking lot. At least I got my fix.

This is the 395 south from Kramers Junction toward San Bernardino. Gaah. And rush hour in Riverside/Corona was worse.
But we got there at last. The view from their back windows over Lake Mathews and the lights of Riverside is pretty. We went out to excellent Thai food for dinner, after which Tom and Jim sat at the table and talked, and I spent quality time on the couch with Hector and Sarah, their Rhodesian Ridgebacks.