Deer Canyon Petroglyph Preserve

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We tried to see this on Monday, but it was closed, so on the next day as we made our way from Gila Bend to Sedona, we stopped here.

It was actually pretty cool. There was a small museum with a great gift shop (and stuff on sale, yay!) The petroglyphs were all over a hill about a quarter of a mile away, with an easy trail to get there. They were on black rock, not as visible at 11 am as in the morning or evening, but we saw a lot of them, and they were very nice. And a chuckwalla came out to see who we were and what we were doing in his territory!

Jo Nell and I show off the great entrance sign.

The museum had some interesting displays on the petroglyphs and the archaeology around there.

We didn't see a single one. Not one. All week. Dammit. A petroglyph! I love these golden barrel cacti! This is part of an area where kids can learn about the local Native Americans, do crafts and learn about archaeology.
This was the trail, pretty easy. Again...not one. And now we're in the petroglyphs!

A lovely chuckwalla

A good morning! and off to Del Taco for lunch...